[SUGGESTION] A Rupee Tracker

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  1. Yet again, I have another suggestion that will help make the life of us (the lazy) easier. Anyways, what I am suggesting is a Rupee Tracker. This could be compared to a milage tracker (whatever that thing is called) of a car. Many people reset the "miles of their trip tracker" on their car when they fill up their gas tank to check to see how many miles they get on their gas tank before they have to fill up again.

    Well, I think something like this would be a great add to EMC for Rupees. Essentially what it is, is just a counter that can be reset [to zero] that basically counts how many rupees you make until you reset it. The main reason for this is because I want to check to see how many rupees I make during specific times (i.e. - a caving trip, villager trading, shop selling, etc).

    Even though you CAN calculate {EDIT: with Rupees History} how many rupees you make in a specific time by just a little simple math, I think a command with a counter variable that could keep track would be very helpful and would definitely get used by the vast majority of our community.
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  2. There is a history page online in the rupees section
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  3. To see how many rupees you have you type /rupees and you go to empireminecraft.com/rupees and find the history tab and after that it is simple math.
  4. ^

    To elaborate, mark or make a note of when your event begins (caving, trading, selling, etc.) and when it ends, go to your rupees history ("rupees>history" it's not that hard :p), then compare the total BEFORE selling, caving, trading, etc. and the LAST ONE in your selected time block. Subtract the smaller number from the larger number, and that's how many rupees you made (if the larger number was the first one, the number will actually be how many rupees you lost.)
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  5. As he stated, he knows that it's possible to check your history and do some simple math, but his point is that he wants a command to do so rather than having to go check manually.
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  6. I don't think he is referring to the history.
  7. I am, I'll make it more clear.
  8. My bad buss
  9. Regardless what others think, this is a very good idea. It would help shop owners, services and other things alike to track their average gain or loss. It would also be good for other things too :)
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