[Suggestion] A new tip that would benefit Server and Players alike

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Biscuitboy, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. Hey guys I have a new suggestion for the wonderful people of EMC! Add a new tip to the in game tips: "Vote once a day here: http://minestatus.net/14873-empire-minecraft-multi-server and receive 50 rupees" It would give people more of an incentive to vote as it is as easy as one click and it would draw more people to EMC making it even better than it is right now!
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  2. But, like someone has said there are servers that are money crazed and have tons on notifications asking to donate and such. I like how EMC is and doesnt have donate or voting notifications every 2 minutes. That is my thought on the subject.
  3. It would not though as the tips are on a rotation.
    1) if you don't like the tips than turn them off (I forgot the command)
    2) Asking for votes isn't a money problem for EMC it would bring more traffic though and I think that if everyone that comes is a supporter or if everyone that joins is a regular non-paying member that it DOESN'T matter as it would make EMC better either way.
  4. Hmm... maybe every 30 mins?
  5. I know I tried one server but it kept stressing to vote to receive 5 diamonds every minute
  6. You see though that you can LIKE I said above, 1) Turn the tips off and 2) The tips cycle through so if you were on for a long time you may only see it 1-3 times.
  7. I've brought this idea up before too and was shot down too. Though as BisicuitBoy said you can turn off these type of things, also it could be set to only show every hour so it wouldn't be spammed.