[Suggestion] A new Senior Staff service.

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  1. So I was thinking, that there could be a new Senior Staff service, where they could enchant a nonenchateble item, and you pay the amount of the enchanted book of the enchantment you want.
  2. This would destroy the item(s) Promos. If you would enchant items that actual can't be enchanted it would steal the definition of Promo.
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  3. -1

    I don't think this would fare will with promos being a thing.
  4. I believe the suggestion meant putting enchants on items, not creating OP enchants, for example putting Knockback II on a stick.
  5. That would still be a little Promo similar. I would love to have a enchanted stick and other players too.
  6. Maybe for a very, very steep price. Like 5-10x the cost of buying the enchant from /shop.
    If it's not extremely expensive, -1.
    If it is, +-0
  7. Truthfully, I can't see this idea happening, though ten points for creativity. :) This doesn't have a big use other than decorative purposes for the community. Furthermore, it would nearly destroy much of the value of some already existing rare items (i.e. the Impossiball, the White Point Star, and Sarah Jane's Warpstar). Furthermore, as others have said, part of the reason promos are special is because they cannot be obtained naturally. Being able to pay to have enchantments added to any old item (something not able to be done naturally) might take away from the value and entertainment centered around promotional and event items.
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  8. -1

    Sorry it relates to going against the vanilla feel of minecraft
  9. No.. Things that have enchantments that shouldn't are very rare and it should stay like that. They should never be introduced to the market except for events that staff host. Never.

  10. This has nothing to do with destroying the value of promotional items. Promos are used to celebrate holidays, achievements, and stuff like that.


    You can easily go to an XP farm, collect XP, and enchant books yourself. Of course, then you have to get lapis. But hey, if you can do it yourself, there is no need to bring staff into it.

    Also, aren't you able to enchant items in an anvil? I thought that you could do this with "Non-Enchantable" items.
  11. No, you can only do that in creative mode.
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  12. You want other players too? Owning other players, mmmm.
  13. You can do that in vanilla singleplayer.....
  14. Only in creative.
  15. Correct, and we're a survival server, so let's not have this service and just leave it to the odd EMC custom item so that it is more special and actually worth something - and also keep it so that the majority of enchantments genuinely work on the item without lots of random ones like this service would bring :p

    For the reasons above, -1
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