[Suggestion] A new donor perk idea

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  1. I was thinking maybe we could add a few donor perks, and I have had an idea...

    The /ptime command (changes the time just for the player, doesn't affect anyone else) and of course only in town for bright working conditions.
    Maybe just for diamond and gold supporters?
  2. How would this be used?
  3. Say it is night in town and you dont want to work in the dark, you could do /ptime day and it would appear as if it was day for only you.
  4. Well then everyones night/day time would be messed up and they wont really know if the real world is night or morning.
  5. i guess he means that its only night/ day from that certian players perspective, however, you could easily just use a night vision potion if you wanted to do work on your res.
  6. Don't we have Utopia for that?
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  7. This isn't really what EMC is about.

    The game-play shouldn't be different for supporters and non-supporters. If this is implemented then in no time we could expect less mobs around supporters, or more drops off ores for iron supporters+.

    As Jaari said, become gold/diamond and use Utopia.

    Sure there are some perks that might affect the game-play depending on how you look at them, but there's a line of separation between no doubt game-changing and unfair; little bit of an advantage in terms of fun/helpfulness

    Right now I just don't see this being part of survival EMC. Creative, maybe. But I don't support this. :)
  8. Just wait until day.
  9. Sorry not going to happen. It's way too confusing. What happens when you go into the wild and monsters are spawning in pure daylight?
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  10. Mineception!
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