SUGGESTION: A Minor Class System

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by ElfinCarrot, Sep 14, 2015.

  1. Now, I know that Aikar has really been keen on making the game as vanilla as possible without breaking it, and that I can understand. He generally just wants things as close to vanilla as possible while still making the server unique. However, I think there could be a huge benefit to a "class system".

    This "class system" could basically be a time-unlocked thing. For example, you get access to a class, you have to have been on EMC for 50 days since your first sign in. On the 50th day you could get a book stating all the classes and the ability to /classes where you can select them.

    So, why is it that I put quotation marks around "class system"? Well, many games and servers all follow a path where some classes are restricted from doing certain things other ones can. For example, a person with a mage class not being able to use a sword or an axe. These classes will make it so you can do everything a normal player without a class can do, but get slight added benefits. Heres a list of "classes" I have come up with.

    • The Alchemist Class: Potions can be drunk 30% faster and when killing mobs, mobs like blazes and spiders that drop potion ingredients will drop them more often. Also, witches in particular are more likely to drop potions if you kill them.
    • The Smithy Class: When repairing items at an anvil, the material and or experience cost is reduced by 30% and when stepping into lava, you get fire resistance for two seconds before you start taking damage.
    • The Enchanter Class: When enchanting items, it costs 30% less experience and when breaking bookshelves, they no longer break into separate books, even if you are not using a silk touch item.
    • The Fighter Class: If you hold a sword or ax for 5 seconds without swinging it, you get damage boost 1, which immediately goes away after you hit something. Also, swords and axes have a 30% chance to not lose durability.
    • The Acrobat Class: When holding a slime ball you gain jump boost and when holding any wooden tool you gain haste. Wearing a full set of leather armor gives speed boost 1 and food decreases 30% slower
    So, I think this is a pretty solid idea, and this can really change how we play EMC. Smiths or Enchanters could create shops where people pay them to repair items. Fighters could be ideal for boss hunting and alchemists could have an easier time getting rare drops like rabbit's feet and magma cream. And the acrobat class could generally be a fun one for getting around the waste.
    Comment what you think below and -insert important person reading this- if you are reading this, feel free to add on other classes.