[Suggestion] - A flag that stops ice melting

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Kold_Ice, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. A flag to enable/disable ice and snow caps melting would be really useful for me.
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  2. Kind of like:

    /res set melt:ice t/f
    /res set melt:snow t/f
    /res set melt:snow_layer t/f

    I like this. Along with the other suggestion about plant growth, things like this would be great for those with great build ideas on their res but can't combine these things currently.
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  3. Just making sure: you do know that you can change your residence biome into a colder one? => /res changebiome ice plains. Costs you 5k tokens on a regular residence and 10k on Utopia. This will most definitely stop ice from melting.

    Personally I wouldn't use this, also because of the above feature, but it does seem consistent with the ability to stop fire from spreading (firespread & combust flags), which we already have.

    So +1
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  4. But not if you put a torch near it. I don't think ice melts just on it's own without a heat source. Could be wrong about that but I'm pretty sure another object needs to 'warm' it up to melt it.
  5. Any light source can melt ice and/or snow caps except daylight, regardless of biome. Including the glitchy invisible light sources -.-