[SUGGESTION] A Bunch Of Ideas

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You Like Dis? You can pick more than one.

We need mo' disguises! +1 3 vote(s) 50.0%
Being a chicken is lame -1 1 vote(s) 16.7%
smp8 needs a squid named Squidward +1 2 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. Okay so, I was not going to make multiple forum posts for this kinda thing so, I am just going to mash together a bunch of various ideas to make things interesting. So time for people to read.

    Disguises. Everyone, loves them, and on Halloween everyone was crazy about them. But now they are gone, and everyone is sad. So, the most obvious and awesome solution, make it so disguising costs rupees and isn't a moderator only thing. Wanna make more money? Make it so only supporters can become special mobs like blazes, villagers, iron golems, etc.

    Now, we can all agree. EMC is an epic awesome, community. But you know what would be kinda fun? All the various SMPs having a sort of "spirit animal" at spawn. What does this mean? Well, it would just be named animal or mob on every smp, one different one for each smp. It would add a little bit of individualism to the smps and besides adding a cute little buddy to every smp, would be both easy and fun.

    Now, I big problem I see is that a lot of new players don't know how to spend their money. They often go to /shop and spend all their money on overpriced products they can find elsewhere. So, along with the already existing floating text in /shop, apon visiting /shop you will also get a chat message saying the exact same thing. To get the point across more

    Oh, and a mayo jar promo. Not sure WHY we don't have it, but we need one. Get on it Socks.
  2. Oh my god I accidently clicked enter before I finished making the poll thing. Dangit
  3. Disguises wouldn't be special if they were available all the time. That and the trolling that occurs. Only SS+ have then for a reason
  4. Then, specifically full moons?
  5. That would be cool but I think it should be reserved for Halloween just because it's a cool thing that fits in to that day basically perfectly.
  6. I like the idea of making each smp have something especially unique about them at spawn. I recently noticed that each spawn seems to have a different design :D I am currently cooking up a way to make my own home smp have it's own "spice" to it, heheh. But I don't know if it's something that needs to be coded in. It's the creativity of the players and the community as a whole that makes it unique, you know?
  7. it would be cool if mobs dropped a voucher for a random disguise or u could get them at the empire store...