[Suggestion] 18+ forum category or 18+ option in thread creation.

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  1. It likely wouldn't be used much, but it could be useful for those once in a while threads. It would be used for things such as a music video that you are like "WTF?!" for (Miley Cyrus) or for music videos that you want to share that have excessive profanity, but don't want the younger ones to see. I personally found a video that is very eye opening about the dangers of driving irresponsibly. Unfortunately, I can't post it because it includes a good deal of violence, and I don't feel comfortable presenting it to the younger crowd.

    But mostly, I thought of this idea because of these two threads.
    Both were shut down, mostly due to EMC's worry about parents. People like, who is a good example... JackBiggin! Younger players like JackBiggin want to donate to these causes, and so they ask their parents for money. His parents say no, but Jack harasses them until they come one and contact the Cow Overlord. Then, EMC created a un-documented "policy" against these type of threads. While I completely understand the reasoning behind the actions, I think that this idea is a fix for the problem. If someone is 18, they are considered to be a legal adult by EMC since it is based/hosted in the US. At that point, one is responsible for only themselves and parents aren't responsible for their actions anymore. So in theory, this should get rid of the problem. But of course, as we all know, there are people who don't enter in their own birthday. Well, in the Terms, it is stated that:
    Which clears EMC of liability and such. If a concerned parent of someone who lied about their age contacts IcC, then IcC can point them in that direction (the Terms) and request just a birth year so that the player doesn't wander into forums that they shouldn't be in. EMC would not be at fault, and it would be the parent's or teenage child's fault.

    I would like to hear everyone else's opinion on it. I don't like that it has to exclude a good number of our members, but it appears to be the only way that it could work. Who knows, maybe the video that I want to share could save a life. Maybe after others see it they will share it in other ways, possibly saving more lives. Twitch could have his thread open again, and it could be shared/tweeted/whatever and he could get the funds he needs to visit his family.

    What wouldn't be in this forum category? Any sexually explicit material, for obvious reasons.

    This will likely get a lot of flack, but its worth a shot. For those of you younger than 18, don't look at it like exclusion. Look at it in a way of something more that you get in the future. The way it currently is, no one is allowed to have such things on here. I know a lot of you are responsible and have the means of donating/viewing such things without problems, but for legal reasons 18 is the go to age. :(
  2. I 1+. But I think anyone who is under 18 should have access to it but won't be able to complain, because everyone under 18 isn't immature.
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  3. It's not a matter of maturity, it's a matter of liability. If someone is soliciting funds for whatever reason, they can cause problems due to circumstances outside of EMC's control. EMC does not want to be liable for anything outside of their control.

    By ensuring that everyone who views a thread is a legal adult, lest they be breaking the rules—and thus liable unto themselves—EMC removes its liability by guaranteeing consent through admission. No liabilities!
  4. Well. That's a bit sad (to having those threads be shut down)
    I think having a Teen section for like ages 14 and up would be good and then also have the same thing for 18+. ;3
    A lot of people like to act as there age, and well... most 14 year olds curse like a horse.
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  5. Yep that sums it up for the most part.
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  6. So that completely excludes people who can donate even though they are 18 if someone is looking to be funded for something. If they do donate, EMC shouldn't be liable anyways.
  7. personally i dont think those type of things should be done on the site. there are other more appropriate outlets to do that. emc is a family friendly server and shouldn't have exclusionary places like an 18+ forum. i can just see alot of inappropriate content being posted there from people who will think "oh its 18+ i can post whatever". people should be able to come on forums without being guilt-tripped or excluded.

    but thats just my thoughts
  8. I completely agree with that. There are other outlets for those kinda things.Also I can see 18+ Threads being misinterpret and cause some members saying M-rated stuff when it's not needed at all. Well if youngin says " I'm mature for my age" good for you and all but we talking about different kind of maturity "life experience." I could go on about difference between maturities but I'm going watch Texans instead.
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  9. I do like this idea. +1 but this is a family friendly server :)
  10. This is why we have mumble...and skype..and pm's... and maybe groups...
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  11. I agree that it should be kept family friendly, as in no excessive cursing, sexually explicit material, or and unnecessary and/or excessive violence. But is it really exclusionary when you look at it from the perspective that currently there is no place here that Twitch is allowed to have his thread? It actually allows more rather than excludes it. We the supporter forums, which excludes too (I'm not against them BTW). There are also players who are prohibited from using the auctions forums because they have shown the inability to use it responsibly. This type of area would have that kind of structure, but also have a liability layer which is the age.
    There could be a page after you click "Post New Thread" that explains what is not allowed, and that its a one strike and your out privilege. Could also have it where it submits a "ticket" to a staff group that has to allow it first, which would cut out that problem.
    There are other outlets, that is very true. But in the Twitch situation again, he could get the boost he needed or maybe the amount of shares needed to get the funds he needs. When Bob had his thread, it seemed like this was his last hope. And through a good amount of coordination, he got the help he needed (with great thanks to Tink!). And for the video I mentioned, I find it unlikely that someone would go out searching for it on there own. The only reason I viewed it was because of a friend who heard about it from another friend, and so on. Its not offensive in anyway, it just displays a good amount of dramatic and real violence in the form of car accidents.

    I am liking the amount of feedback. :p
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  12. If people want to ask for money there are plenty of places they can do so, and plenty of other places they can advertise it.

    A family friendly gaming community is not one of those places and never should be, especially when liability can be placed so easily at the operators of the site for allowing such threads to take place.

    Also, we all know that 18+ means nothing on the internet where most people routinely lie about their age.
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  13. This is an ok idea, but I don't think the kind of content that would be posted in this section, should be posted on EMC in the first place, EMC just isn't the right place for this kind of thing.

    Too true... >.>
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  14. ... REALLY.
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  16. I am really sad that those threads had to go. Frankly, IMO, I don't really think that they deserved to go. A 18+ forum could be a good solution, because 18+ is the legal age that considers you an adult.

    I feel like this issue is an off and on problem. It is not good to have concerned parents asking about these threads. The parents have no idea who this players are and what the might really do with that money(I EXTREMELY doubt it though.). I wish for the best for them and really hope players help, but we don't want 17 and under players overwelming there parents to donate for something.

    The Age group idea in my opinion is fine, but anyone can FAKE an age nowadays, and no identification is given to find that age. If there was age groups ingame, a 9 year old could easily go to a 18+ group chat and stuff MIGHT go out of hand and then we have more overwelming parents.
  17. Shouldn't a spoiler be good enough for this stuff (Within reason of course)?
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