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  1. Guys i need 2 duble chests with sugarcanes :p
  2. I have some Sugar Cane in stock at smp1, 858 ;)
    It costs 1 Rupee for 32 Sugar Cane!
  3. I could probely give you some for like 100r
  4. deal
  5. Two large chests, 100r? It'll be on smp9 but I won't be able to give it too you maybe later tooday.
  6. 100r for each chest :p
  7. I have a huge sugar came farm ... And I believe imma need too cut some down.
  8. If you want to cut it down you can have it for free:)
  9. ok
  10. Thia isn't the right place to put these kind of things. This thread should be placed in the products section, not auctions
  11. GENIUS!
  12. i am in your res now ;)
  13. I am not available to come online at the moment.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.