[Sug] - Fishing events? Never heard of one!

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Fishing trip with friends? Since I don't have time to do it in real life, why not on EMC?

Yep! Let me grab my fishing rods and my fermented wheat ju... Eu.. Cakes with me! 6 vote(s) 85.7%
Nah, fishing is boring whatever you do to it it's still just plain old fishing... I hate fish! 1 vote(s) 14.3%
...fish? What is fish? Never saw them when I swim in the water! (Also means yes hihi)! 2 vote(s) 28.6%
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  1. I searched a little down the forums and Fishing ain't anybody's current concern lol.

    I see tree killers, mob killers, diamond syphon events, never Fishing contest events.

    That would be nice to have for example a monday night fishing trip with a cool bunch of players and mods. Nice way to actually not destroy anything at all and enjoy some nice chat session while seeking who gets the most fish or best treasure of the day collection. We're just missing the fermented wheat juice to go with it (lol joke, that's not for kids!) Pieces of cakes I meant.. ;)

    Fishing is somewhat under rated in my humble opinion.
  2. Sounds cool I would go if there was a fishing event! :)
    Edit: First:p
  3. Once a month only. But there could be a player held event every week or so.
  4. I also have a res designed for fishing, I can't link the thread as I am on my cell but it's 12731.
  5. we did try for a while to hold official Fishing events every week, but attentence declined and mods who were able to host it, stopped being able to :) but there is nothing stopping players from holding their own fishing event :D
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  6. I wouldn't mind to at least hold one event as a tryout see how I fare
  7. I was actually thinking of holding fishing derby's once my properties are developed. Watch for +docks on smp6