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  1. (Aha I need to get better at threads -w-)
    If you don't have a DSi then this thread may be pointless to you.
    *everyone leaves*
    Moving swiftly on :p
    As most of you know, I animate on a wonderful free little application for Nintendo DSi called Flipnote Studio. This had an online part built in called "Flipnote Hatena" which was also, completely free. However on May 31st last year, it shutdown...
    Fairly recently, somebody called Austin Burk created a proxy server for Flipnote called "Sudomemo" letting all the people who animate on Flipnote Studio go online and share Flipnotes again! This server is still very much in development but it's going great so far and it works just as well as Hatena. The only down side is that you have to mess with your DSi's internet settings to get on it, but it's only a one time thing and it's simples :3

    How to connect:

    The point I wanted to get at here was, well
    1. Does anyone even own a DSi anymore? Or did everybody sell them and get a 3DS?
    2. If anybody does, would you be interested in doing a collab flipnote with me?
    I mean, any type of collab. Picture (take turns drawing pretty picture on a certain theme) or the more classic animation collab (take turns doing a certain part of a song). I can record the song and mark out the words and parts, I just need someone to actually do the other parts ; - ;
    (I'm still doubting anyone even owns a DSi xD)

    Thanks for reading!

    Note: Connecting to Sudomemo isn't illegal btw -.- The actual Sudomemo server isn't illegal either. It isn't related to Hatena in any way apart from the format and layout.
  2. I and my mum still both own our DSi's :p
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  3. Dang, I have a 3Ds :(. Also it sucks that most of the Online stuff that isn't local or Nintendo Network was shut down due to weirdos.