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  1. Im doing some EMC Promotional videos for youtube! If you, or your res, would like to be in some videos, Post the following:
    1. Res #
    2. 1 reason why i should record it
    3. Is your res under construction
    4. (optional) A screen shot of the res's most impressive part
    5. What SMP server is it?
  2. I wouldn't mind if mine was included...
    1: 7345
    2: I believe the large windows and the wooden constructions make it seem modern but it is given an antique charm.
    3: i believe additions will be made in the future but for now it is completed
    4: -
    5: smp3
  3. 1: 6012
    2: I think that its sheer size, and build, and pure impressiveness deserve to be shown
    3: The inside is in construction, but the outside is beautiful =D
    4: N/A
    5: Smp3!
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  4. 10028
    Large, Classical-style architecture (columns, dome) with earthen statue of Laozi, Daoist symbols.
    Temple is mostly done, considering a large earth statue of an ox sleeping outside facing the temple

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  5. 1. 1040
    2.I would like everyone to see my (Times Square and Monument[of my self])
    3.No my res is not under construction
  6. 1. Res # 6877
    2. 1 reason why i should record it: My hotel looks awesome, especially the underground pool :O
    3. Is your res under construction: Yeah :/
    4. -
    5. What SMP server is it? SMP3!
  7. I saw your buildings, they look amazing!
  8. Edit:
    3. My hotel is completely finished levels -2,-1 and 1. Just not the rooms yet... But everything else on my res is finished :)
  9. do eclipsys on utopia (/v mr2r2m_2 2). PERIOD!