stupid things people ask you

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by DogsRNice, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. do you get questions like "can make me mod?" or "will you buy a diamond pic for 90000r?"
  2. i get people asking for dirt and they'll pay and someone's about to rip them off when i say "you realize your entire res is dirt why not dig it up and replace the top layer"
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  3. Yes. Is that all you want to know or is this all the thread will cover?
  4. no all stupid questions you get from random people
  5. Sometimes i get, can i hack?
  6. My brother gets this from his one friend: "Can you make me a mod?" "What kind?" "Oh, I don't know, just a mod." "Okay..." Then he deleted the skin for the creepers so they are invisible and they kill him because he is too stupid to pay attention to the sounds.
    I get the comment: "Oh, you can't donate. You don't have enough money cuz you're not supporter." When in reality I have 15k ATM.
  7. I've had people threatening to get me banned because they know the administrator...
  8. i willz bannz you