Stuff (Taking dropped items from dead players)

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  1. I was wondering if we find stuff from someone that died and we take it is that considered stealing?
    In the rules it dosen't metion it.
    2. Thou Shalt Not Steal

    Do not steal from other players, even if you find an unlocked player chest in the wilderness or if you have container permissions on another players lot. If you are caught doing so you will permanently banned.
  2. Nope, technically it is not stealing. Although it is nice to give it back it is not stealing if you take it ( Smooch told me today :D )
  3. Wow, that's good to know thanks :D
  4. However, if the player died because of the person taking it, it's a different story. :)
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  5. If I ever find someone's stuff, I normally put it in a chest with a sign saying "Here's your stuff whoever died here :)"
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  6. My personal policy on this is to chest it on the spot and come back in a week, if its still there then i drop it at town spawn or something like that
  7. Also, very vibrant, descriptive title. You have my compliment. :p
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  8. Sure, but it would be nice to give it back :p However pretty sure if you kill them, that ain't allowed bro. (Lava or summink)