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  1. hi i have a list of stuff i need
    1. a ender egg
    2. 6 blocks of emerald ore
    3. a bow with power IV and flame I i will pay for all of this or trade
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  2. Enderdragon eggs are pretty hard to get right now, since most (possibly all) of them have been sold until the update, when the owners will get 20 in return. I'd wait until the Dragon Tomb update before you try and get one, it's ETA is sometime this month, although this may have been delayed.

    You can buy emerald ore blocks from 1111 (SMP1), 1770 (SMP1), 4005 (SMP2) or 9000 (SMP4), although many other places sell them too. :)
  3. Sounds like a Christmas wish list…:p
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  4. But the Dragon Tomb update is on Utopia, right?
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  5. Nope, every server. :)
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  6. There are only 2 original ones still existing.
  7. And that is?
  8. i do believe i have one of those, would you like to buy it?
  9. he wants them for free
  10. He didnt say that.
  11. yes i would like to buy it or trade for it
  12. If you mean dragon eggs, no all but 1 still exist. I know ignoramoose owns 2 of them.
  13. What server?
  14. When i get home, i will look to see if I have it or not, I'll send you a message in a bit.
  15. Ignoramoose owns 2, and faithcaster has one. That is all that I know of... I think Aikar is looking for dragon eggs, but I cannot be too sure...
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  17. Good luck.
    Tell me when you get one so I can have my mind blown.
  18. where dose it say i wont pay for the stuff
  19. smp2, I believe it's his first res. He has them on display. smp4 and I want to say 1 or 2
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  20. well good news, its a power V, flame I

    that is ONE more power than you wanted.. ;) :) still interested?