Stuck on the side of the road for 30mins

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by deathconn, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. So I needed to get my brakes fixed for quite some time now...for 4 months to be precise. I was driving home from work when my breaks had no affect when pressed. I used the emergency break to slow myself and managed to pull into a parking lot. Now I'm sitting here waiting for my car to get towed. Remember, fix your breaks before something bad happens!
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  2. Your signature is all I have to say :p
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  3. My signature is my reaction when I couldn't stop :p
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  4. Also my soon to be reaction for the price of the fix.
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  5. And for the towing...
  6. Oh and it's going to be an hour now, yay!
  7. That's strange, brakes have diagonal pipes so only two of the brakes should stop working at a time, strange that both sets went :confused: If you have lots of space then you can decelerate using gears (if you have a manual - always go manual if you can) and then use the e-brake when you're coming to a stop, is that kind of what you did...?

    How did you know you needed to get them fixed by the way, were you told or just kind of knew anyway? :p

    PS: Glad you're alright, though
  8. They were creaking pretty loudly, sounded like a plane was taking off. I'm not sure if you people in the UK call it something else but I used my emergency/parking break to slow myself.
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  9. We tend to call it the hand brake, putting it on tends to lock up wheels though, so you'd have to put it on/off/on/off constantly to slow yourself down... Loud creaking probably isn't great, glad you're alright, hopefully it's a cheap pipe fix but I'm not sure, I don't know why it would be creaking
  10. I pulled the parking break slowly, but it still wasn't a smooth ride (obviously). I hope it's a cheap fix too...

    It started to leak oil today too...
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  11. Not cheap, just like I thought. $580 to replace break pads, rotors, and break fluid tube thingy (technical term of course).
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