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  1. so i went on a quest to get a pair of elytra wings ( in which i suceeded!), but when i turned around i was totally lost. like i have no clue where to go. i would think there would be a map for the end , but there isnt. so if any one could help me i would be very grateful.

    -thank you
  2. Find an enderchest, throw everything into it, and die.
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  3. Ender chest are located In the end city's treasure rooms beside the normal chest. I recommend coming from the outside to prevent any damage from shulkers. If there is no ender chest, try to find another end city. As that one might have both an ender chest and a end ship
  4. The Exit Portal is at Origin ( 0, 64, 0 ) coordinates. You can see your coordinates in the debug screen (toggled with key "F3").
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  5. ok, i found an end city, but im having trouble figuring out which room is the treasure room?!
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  6. Treasure rooms in the End Cities are always found in End Ships and 2 specific tower types:

    * 3-Story Base Tower (excluding city's entrance); often has an Ender Chest.

    * Big Tower
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  7. A way to not get lost taught to me by forevermaster is write down cords and place markers or take screen shots of your cords. I have been doing that and it has made navigating the end easy.
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