Stuck in Frontier End

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  1. I found one of the new Frontier End Portals! Yeah me! But when I went to the portal I used to use to get back from the End, it was no longer a portal. It's now filled with endstone and has signs that say "down." When I click the signs, nothing happens.

    How do I get out of the end after the 1.9 update?
  2. You may need to summon the enderdragon, kill it, then it should let you back? Or you can just suicide
  3. Did you kill the ender dragon?
    Try breaking the end stones .
  4. Or you can also find an end city which has an ender chest in it. Then suaside
  5. I can't imagine that's right. There has always been a portal there. If you can't exit without killing the ender dragon or killing yourself, what good are the builds there, the xp farm and so forth? I have an inventory full of stuff from my journey to the frontier end portal. Surely there is another solution.
  6. Come on, someone please tell me something else. There has to be a better way. Any mods wanna weigh in?
  7. Find an end city
    Put all ur items in an ender chest in end city
    - you can get home
    - you can get elytra
  8. break the endstone
  9. I broke the endstone. There was nothing under it.

    Is there a portal in the end city?
  10. Summon the enderdragon and kill it, the portal will reset. If you don't have any crystals you may have to wait for a friend to bring 4 of them.
  11. Have to kill the enderdragon or commit hairy carey. Only two possibilities.
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  12. And does the old Frontier end even have end cities?
  13. No, the dragon will destroy people. The dragon doesn't care about builds. If no one spawns it there will not be a problem.
  14. yes
  15. Also keep in mind that there are 2 End worlds: a waste end and a frontier end. However, the End portal should already be working. If there's a portal there then it should be active. Unless of course someone broke it, in which case I think you got a problem and the only way out would indeed be to head to an End city and secure your items in an enderchest.


    PS: which server are you on?
  16. but theres no portal in the cities.
  17. Correct, that's only on the main island. The idea is to secure your items in an Enderchest, then jump into the void which will teleport you out of the End again.
  18. I checked on the end frontier Im familiar with and the original portal home in the end is filled with endstone and non- functional just like yours is.

    I think the best solution is for someone to bring you an enderchest to the end you are stuck at.
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  19. Almost makes me wonder if we discovered a bug. I'll check the End on my home server also when I'm on.
  20. I fell into the void. I respawned in the End.