Strongholds - Help Please

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  1. I need to know the chords of a stronghold!! I've searched for ages with ender eyes and I STILL can't find one! I don't wish to mine the stronghold, I want to get to the End! Please, somebody, help me find an End Portal!
  2. You going after End Stone I take it?
  3. I have encountered strongholds before with no end portals, you may have found one, but for you sake i hope i'm wrong :)
  4. I'm going to try and kill Endermen, Kilmannan. Also, I've never been to the end before, and I think it would be really fun to check it out. Beau, which server are you on? And do you know where one is?
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  5. All for going to the Ender if you're after Endermen, but I find there's loads of them in the Wild at night. I've often come away with almost a stack of Enderpearls after just running around for a bit in the dark.
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  6. Have you ever been to The End on an EmpireMinecraft server, kil?
  7. how do you stop them teleporting away from you?
  8. Well, my knowlage is you can't stop them, but you can chase them :)
  9. I've got some ender eyes and I'm ready to find one on smp5 I haven't found one yet but Maby me, darkoogablop and others that want to come can. I'll be on tomorrow in the morning on I'll be on one of the smps. Just pm me if ur ready;)
  10. I'll pay 2k rupees to anybody who can lead me to the end!! PLEASE somebody .. D:
  11. Ok. Cya then, beau. However, my offer IS still open to anyone who can find me one now..
  12. We're do you live,like what time zone?
  13. NSW australia
  14. Wolves.

    At least two wolves will mean he's not going anywhere because he's taking constant damage. I usually try and run with at least six wolves. Once that first hit connects, I leave it to the pack to finish him.
  15. Ok Melbourne - NSW same time zone. What time will you get on tomorrow?
  16. Wow. Good idea. LOL image a pack of wolves in the end..
  17. I'll be on at about ~ 8oclock tomorrow morning, i hope. Maybe 9.
  18. Ok I'll be on then;) please buy 1 wolf and I'll try gain some money to buy 1 to:)
  19. If your nice enough you can buy me one?lol