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  1. Hey, I'm feeling good at the minute so I'vedecided to give out the cords to the stronghold i found last night in the wastelands on Smp9 :) I feel it would be selfish for me to take all the nice cracked and mossy stone :) So ill let you guys have some too :D

    I just ask one thing of you's - DO NOT break the room where the end portal is :) I want it to be kept intact.

    Thank You.

    SMP9 WASTELANDS /WASTE C is closest to it.

    EDIT: Well what ill do is ill leave the cords up for 1 hour or so then delete them so if you get them lucky you ;)

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  2. What have you done?! Now they will all uglify the end portal.
    :p Most players don't seem to know there is an end portal in the wastelands until I tell them.
  3. I'm coming with tnt :p
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  4. Im letting it out but i trust they respect that and wont abuse it. :)

    Anyways it will all go in next waste reset so might as well make the most of it
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  5. It will probably be ok, except all the good stone will get mined, but that's what the stronghold's for. The end doesn't get reset, but end stone is near worthless, thankfully.
    Edit: Off topic but why is your F3 screen so different? Is that just 1.8? I like it.
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  6. Yup, that is how the coordinates look (for me) in 1.8.
    Also hitting the 'tab' to see who is connected gives a cool 'preview' of the players heads too!
    (play around with it a little, it is fun to see what is different)
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  7. 1.8 ;)
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  8. feel free to sell mossy and cracked stone at 13131 smp6 :)
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  9. I will check it out! I have more than I can use in my secret dungeo..*cough* mossy dining room.