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  1. My mother was playing on Empire with me. She does not like confrontation and asked I post on her behalf. We wanted to verify that she won't get banned for the random flower and crafting table she picked off the street. I believe stealing is an instant ban, however what if the item is sitting in the street and you pick it up by unfortunately being withing two or three blocks of it. Would you get banned for this?
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  2. This is not ban-nable. Even if there is a sponge on the street.
    Just for your information Stealing = Stealing from a chest.
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  3. If you simply find items lying on the grounds without anyone nearby. Probably safe to say they are up for grabs. Especially since they will despawn shortly
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  4. Let's not go that specific...

    If one player is clearly throwing items to another player and you go and pick them up anyways, that is stealing.

    It doesn't matter that there are safer ways to transfer items, you still do not have the right to go pick them up.