Stream Team is Seeking New Members!

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  1. The Stream Team is actively seeking new members :D

    Do you want to stream for the Empire? Are you enthusiastic about being an entertainer? We are looking for motivated, hardworking, and professional people to join us in providing quality content (whether that be live streams or various EMC related videos) that brings in new players and actively interacts with our existing community. If interested, please fill out the application below.

    Requirements and Expectations:

    • You must be able to keep a consistent streaming schedule. Life happens and exceptions to schedules can be made. However, consistency is key in planning events and promoting them as much as possible.
    • You are expected to meet software requirements. If your internet connection is unreliable, preventing you from streaming, that is a problem. Feel free to reach out to the Stream Team with any software/hardware concerns.
    • A webcam is not required. Although it helps build a connection between you and the audience, it won’t make or break.
    • You must have a basic understanding of copyright and infringement about music, videos, and other forms of media.
    • You are expected to maintain a positive attitude. As simple as it sounds, you may come across the occasional troll and have to respond accordingly. You should be able to laugh at your own mistakes. A lighthearted personality draws an audience.
    • Content quality is crucial. It/You must be entertaining. If you doubt someone would watch it, then don’t stream it.
    • You must be able to take direction and work as a team. The ability to receive and give constructive criticism makes a team prosper.
    • You must be 18 or older to be a member of the Stream Team.
    To the hopeful streamers:When you are live, every decision you make is in the moment. Your actions and words are uploaded to the internet immediately. There is little to no time for correction. Not only should you be intuitive with a moment’s notice, but you should understand the responsibility you hold representing Empire Minecraft.

    Requirements and Expectations for Editors:

    • You are expected to have reliable video editing software. It doesn’t need to be industry-standard (i.e. Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas Pro), but it shouldn’t be below the standard of decent quality (i.e. Windows Movie Maker, iMovie).
    • You must have a basic understanding of video editing techniques (i.e. cuts, transitions, compositing, pacing, storyboards) and understand how to use each technique in an effective manner.
    • You must have a basic understanding of sound mixing. Video editing is not just about what the viewer sees, but what the viewer hears. Audio is just as important as the visuals.
    • Content quality is crucial . Do not underestimate the potential to turn anything into quality content through video editing.
    • You must be able to take direction and work as a team. The ability to receive and give constructive criticism makes a team prosper.
    To the hopeful YouTubers/editors:In a similar sense to streaming, everything you upload represents Empire Minecraft. Be mindful of the edits you choose and the clips you use. While you have more than a moment to make your decisions, do not take your time for granted. You make what people will see, and what people will see creates their impression of this server.

    The Stream Team will gladly answer any questions and is more than able to assist you in optimizing your stream, editing, or video experience.
    We wish you the best of luck and look forward to seeing you on the team!

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  3. HA first lol gonna submit mine now :)
  4. cool :) hope to see some more EMC streams!

    out of curiosity, is there a specific reason the 18+ rule was added? i think thats new?
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  5. Awesome, love to see more streamers for waffle to add to the wiki :), Most Streaming platforms are 13+, I’m assuming it has something to do with player privacy.
  6. It used to be 18+ for use of voice. We recently decided that not using voice is not something we want in our streaming, so we need 18+.
  7. Do we need to stream on emc? Or can it be other games
  8. I'm very excited to see more content creators on EMC! There are so many opportunities on this wonderful server, and I can't wait for the Stream Team to continue entertaining us!
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  9. Woot woot :) Looking forward to having a Stream Team again! Good luck to all those applying. :D
  10. quak
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  11. As the purpose of the stream team is to promote EMC, streaming of EMC should be the focus during scheduled streaming slots. Additional game streaming is still allowed, though we wouldn't be advertising those streams.
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