strange res

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  1. so i was exploring smp9 (/v random) and found this 11111 odd res.png
    its owned by a banned player and everyone has build rights
    and as you can tell people have used them does eneyone know what this res is for?
  2. What is the res number?
  3. The res belongs to imanerd1227. He was banned for the /p reason 'Happy to oblige, goodbye.' Most likely implies he was swearing or being rude and telling a mod to ban him if they had a problem with it.
  4. One addendum: I'm bored, so I might set up a lava wall around his residence. Not joking, I would very much like to take enough lava buckets to equal the perimeter of his residence, create a dirt ring at the height limit, pour the lava on the ring, and create a large lava wall surrounding his residence. Despite the hype, I never got a chance to make a lava wall around anyone's residence and really fulfill that classic threat of mine, let alone the entirety of SMP5's Wild. So I would like to take this opportunity.

    He's not going to be unbanned anyway, and even if he is, it's unlikely the mods shall consider this griefing, because he opened up build flag on his res.
  5. Do you have lava walls around your current residence? If not why not make some there...
  6. I think you should set up a service. Setting up lava walls for anyone's res who wants it. That way you use your lava-wall making skills AND making money because lava walls do look cool. Just no when they surround the perimeter of the wild spawn. ;)
  7. Eh, doesn't go too well with the current theme of aesthetics.

    Interesting proposition.
  8. Okay lol
  9. For griefing on?
  10. aikar the economy ruiner and 72volt the lava wall builder
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  11. Why is your hotbar so disorganized?
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  12. Don't forget Nfell the Evil Spammer, IceCreamCow the Dastardly Utopia Destroyer, He Who Shall Not Be Named, and Craspcraft the Fearful Griefing Team
  13. I don't think I've been to your res, I will have to visit :)
    Not Craspcraft, the fearful team, that when Googled only brings up the EMC thread lol
  14. You can build a lava wall around my res if you want.
  15. That first one cracked me up.

    No wonder he passed me on the top posting members...
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  16. You used to be a bit of a canned ham product yourself. No wonder his statement summoned you to the thread.
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  17. lol well i think my first post was eather . or FIRE!!!!! i was a noob...
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