Strange occurences.

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  1. I was playing on my single player world ( I updated...) and while was exploring, I find my entire inventory lying on the ground in front of me...I hadn't died in the world yet... The creepiest part is I could pick up the items... Also earlier, I was spleunking (probably misspelled that) in a samll cave and through a small hole, I saw a face similar to... His face. Has anyone else encountered something like this? I want to know, I'm really freaking out...
  2. sigh do you have the herobrine mod becouse thats what it does
  3. No, I had this happen on vanilla...
  4. I'm not lying. I'm being honest. I swear on the fact that villagers will have a chance to become zombies in the next update (Thank you gamechap and bertie).
  5. umm well i think it was just a bug
  6. gamechap oh i say!

    cant't stop laughing:D
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  7. No, these items were genuine, I'm sure of it, if they weren't they would have bugged out of my inventory
  8. I don't have the herobrine mod, I swear, I'm nowhere near skilled enough to install the mod.
  9. ... :|
  10. That isn't even their real voices...
  11. I love how GameChap and Bernie's house bursts into flames 9 out of 10 times a video is shown there.
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  12. Off topic but hilarious
  13. Mods require no skill to install.
  14. I don't have anything to open minecraft.jar, and I prefer to install Industrial type mods instead of new mob mods.
  16. That is creepy, but still, has anyone else encountered something like I have?
  17. i did find a glitch ware i fell thru the ground
  18. long live herobrine!