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  1. i have spent a few hours building a cane farm one i have built many times before but am having an issue i have never seen before.

    everytime o go out of render distance the planted sugar cane despawns vanishes no longer there i then replant it leave come back and its gone again.

    i tried dirt as my first medium now sand ive tried to repo on another server and in single player cna't work out why or how this can happen. please can you fix

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  2. is there water next to it?
  3. yes you can't plant suger cane if there is not water next to it and yes full source blocks
  4. I have stopped replanting it until the bug is fix hopefully soon so i can finish building the rest
  5. You're planting it on a chunk edge. It has happened to me a few times, just change the z coord where the sugarcane is planted and it should be fixed.
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  6. ItsMeMatheus is correct.

    This happened to me too.

    When the cane is on the edge of a chunk, sometimes only the chunk with cane will be loaded, not the chunk with water, so the cane then thinks there is no water and will break.

    Its not really a bug, just minecraft, viewdistance/chunk load thing.

    Yeah, move the cane away from the chunk boundary (I use F3 chunk coords info) and you should be fine.
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  7. tell me about it i have 2-3 of those rows on my farm. it renders close to 250 cane spawn blocks useless, not to mention the 250 pistons that just look pretty.
  8. yes moving it one block forward fixed it but broke the design and i can;'t be bothered pulling the whole thing down and rebuilding :(

    thanks for the help
  9. If you do not want to move the cane row, then you might want to do what I did...

    I added water every 3rd block in the cane row.

    Sure, it reduces the cane by 1/3rd, but the remaining 2/3 cane will not break, and you dont have to move the row.

    So it was like this:
    C = Cane


    Now my row is like this:
    C = Cane
    _ = Water


    Hope this makes sense and helps.