[STORY] Story Time With Pink!

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  1. Hello guys! I would like to ask you if you could spare a few minutes to check out some of my stories on wattpad! Yes, wattpad. (not interested? go down for my story time!)

    Recently, i've gotten into writing stories/fanfics for people. At the moment, I have 5 stories, with one of them complete. Some of my books are on hold but you may read them. Here are the links to my page. And, if you dont believe that i wrote those then check out my bio, it says that its me!

    If you would like to help me with my writing (after reading my stories of course) then please do! I dont mind constructive criticism! And if your not sure which one to read first, i recommend this one (queue front page):

    Happy reading! And just for fun, A little story for you guys...

    A Halloween Fright!

    "On Halloween night the souls of murdered children come out to play... And when their out.... No one is safe...." Little Amy from next door whispered to the neighborhood kids, finishing her scary story off. The children shivered. "A-Amy, I-is that s-story t-true?" Billy, one of the troublemakers, stuttered. Goosebumps spreading across his arm at a frantic pace. Amy giggled. "No silly! Of course not! That's crazy! Now come, lets go trick or treating! I don't want to miss out on free sweet!" Amy exclaimed before tugging Billy and the rest of the gang along to the rich families' houses.

    *A few minutes later*
    Amy had dragged everyone to the big mansions in which all of the rich kids' families' would give out tons of candy. Amy grinned mischievously "Here we are! Truck tons of candy, here i come!" She squealed before stampeding towards one of the mansions without the group. Amy knocked on the door excitedly.

    Knock Knock

    No answer...

    Knock Knock...

    This time Amy knocked harder, desperately wanting the sweet goodness of the candy that would fill her thin stomach. She knocked again after waiting a few seconds. The gang hadn't caught up yet.

    Knock knock, knock knock...

    This time someone answered... A terrifying creature... A despicable being.... It had a wrinkled, skinny body with frail hands. It had claws the size of a butter knife and as sharp as a katana. It had blood stained fangs with long, purple flowing hair. Its amber eyes glowed in the dark night sky. Amy screamed. The gang heard her and came running, but it was too late. The creature had snatched Amy and pulled her into the mansion. Never to be seen again...

    And this children, is why spoiled kids always face a terrible end... Who knows what happened to Amy... She could have been discarded.... gotten rid of.... Or.... Turned into one of those souls that she had mentioned in her story...

    Anyways! I hope you have fun trick or treating kiddies! Make sure you have an adult or someone responsible to accompany you when you go trick or treating... It can be very dangerous!
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  2. lols pretty funny. Can you link the other stories work in progress?
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