[Story] EMC Wilderness

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to make a fake story! So, enjoy! :)

    EMC Wilderness
    By: HelloKittyRo
    Images: Imgur and HelloKittyRo

    Chapter 1 - HelloKittyRo:
    Hello. My name is HelloKittyRo. I was summoned onto the empire on August 22nd, 2014! I love EMC and the wilderness! This is my story.

    Chapter 2 - The Adventure:
    HelloKittyRo was running through the wilderness; scared, not knowing what was happening. She had found a Marlix:
    Is was a fierce mob, firing arrows at HelloKittyRo while she was burning in flames. She had no idea what was going on until she found a member in the South Wastes. He had brown hair, and a headphones. His name was Shelly (ShelLuser). He was helping her to kill the Marlix.

    A few minutes later the Marlix had backup. The enraged skeletons. They were mad at the friends for invading there area, so they shot arrows with flame. The Marlix was flying ever where; North, South, East, and West. The friends were confused were it was heading. Then... a surprise happened... in one shot, this happened:
    They had defeated the Marlix! The adventure was over... awaiting for the next adventure with anther friend. His name was DrMadFate; a strong fighter.

    PART 2:

    Chapter 3 - New Adventure:
    Coming soon!

    I hope you enjoyed the first part and the first 2 chapters of the series! Part 2 and Chapter 3 will be coming out soon :)

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  2. Part 2 - Chapter 3 [ PREVIEW ]:
    HelloKittyRo and DrMadFate were looking for something. They didn't know what, but hopefully they would find a place were they could kill enraged animals. They didn't know when they would find one, but surly soon.

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    What an adventure, lol!
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