[STORY] "Death" Comes A Knocking

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Do u believe in ghosts/spirits?

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  1. ----This is A True Story----

    Last week I went to another state to visit my Aunt. She owns a lot of cats and gives them strange names :p I was gonna stay and sleep over at her house for 3 days. When it became 10pm I was gonna head to sleep. I went in the bed and layed down, it was like 10 minutes and i heard 3 knocks on my window. I was so scared I jumped out of the bed. I didn't know who or what was knocking on my window. There are no trees by the window so it couldn't be a branch. I didn't dare look out the window since i was being a scaredy cat XD At last i went back to sleep.

    The next day we went to the park and had a nice day, we had a picnic and all :D When it became night once again i went to sleep. I ended up waking cause the neighbors dogs were barking like crazy. I turned on the light and started reading a book. It was like 30 minutes and yet again I heard 3 knocks on the window. The book i was reading was "Old Myths" well something like that :p bur anyways the story I was on was called Death comes A' Knocking. It was where in the middle of the night people would hear 3 knocks on there window and that could mean that death came knocking for ya. Also if the person opened the window sometimes there was nothing but other times there could be a black shadow/figure. I was so scared at the moment, I didnt know what to do. I slowly crept to the window and opened the shades. What i saw made me laugh so hard, it was a cat. I guess one of my Aunt's cats got stuck or something and was trying to get my attention to bring him in.

    I went down the hall to get my Aunt and she came into my room and opened the window. She took the cat and said that his name was Death XD So literally Death came a knocking!
  2. Plot twist, the cat wrote the story you read, he wanted to get your opinion on his writing cx