Story contest II

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  1. This is the same contest as last time but the rules change a little
    • no Extreme violent stories (becuase I read them at night)
    • no flaming (saying nasty things )
    • you have 1 week till contest ends
    • no hurting people with your story
    • ElectroBomb cannot play again. If he does it won't count
    Also you can get bonuses by doing the folloing
    + pictures drawings photos
    + adding people in your story
    - missing punctuation
    Have fun!! <(o_o)>
  2. Also you have permittion to add me
  3. Uh... link to the last time?
  4. The Midnight Screams
    I wake to see the morning light streaking through the battered curtains. I then blink and as if I were in to places at once, I see torture around me in the same room on that horrible day. The screams of pain and agony tear my mind apart, piece by piece. It all happened so fast but, there was nothing I could have done to save them. I silently cry in the corner of that room, all alone. With no one else to comfort me. I can still see the stains of blood on the walls around me. I want to leave but, he is making me stay. I can't will my body to move. It's as if fate made a joke by making my prison my own body... Never to be seen again...
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  5. Lol. Someone tell the barnacle story from Spongebob. :cool:
  6. Once there was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that everyone died. The End!
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  10. we cant have 1 story =P if we do there will be no winner. sorry

  11. LOG A
    "This is Kepler-7 calling to Alpha-1. Alpha-1 do you copy? Alpha-2 do you read me? Calling all INFILTRATION TEAMS, Kepler Team has been wiped out. I assume the same can be said for Alpha Team. Do anybody read me?"
    Nothing but static from the comm was the response. "Gods be damned." Kent muttered. He activated his radio again. "Firebase Echo, this is Kepler-7, all the INFILTRATION TEAMS have been wiped out. Agnorian forces are closing in. Send in reinforcements.". Still nothing. No. I'm being to impatient, I must give them time. Minutes passed. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Odd, Firebase Echo had an extensive comm network. He activated the radio once more. "Firebase Echo, this is Kepler-7, do you copy? Firebase Echo, respond.". First, nothing, but then without warning he heard something else. He heard sirens, sparks, thuds, were those explosions? Two voices were conversing in frantic tones. He heard a explosion, that was undoubtedly an explosion. Screams, Human screams. He heard the comm operator, and he mustered into the microphone,"Bae ovrun cnt send help. On y own." The sound of a door opening. Panic, blind fear must be filling the operator. Alien voices, the shot of a pistol, the firing of numerous rifles. A bloodcurdling cry. He heard an alien voice clearly. " Sefy fohtd asnix gurik.". The feed was cut off. Kent was on his own.
    LOG A

    LOG B
    Nothing. There is nothing I can do. I observed my surroundings, only to have the remainders of my hope dashed. I suppose my survival itself was a miracle, although death might now be a favorable fate. When we blew the bombs, Echo team had been unable to make it to the target in time. Normally, a mistake like this wouldn't happen. I suspect our missions failure was caused by a breakdown in communication. Alpha team had been given the signal to detonate the bombs. The bombs, F-Class Charges, created a powerful explosion, and were much like a diminished nuclear weapon. Echo Team was only 150 meters from my teams rendezvous point. The instant their bomb detonated, our whole mission spiraled into sheer calamity. The enemy, or those who remained, were aware of our presence. The areas above was collapsing, chunks falling, colliding with the ground, sending a shower of debris in its wake. We fled deeper into the compound. Upon entering a rough tunnel, hastily created, almost haphazardly supported, we encountered an enemy squad. Taking cover behind a support column, I was unaware of the event about to take place. The strength of the explosion had sent vibrations deep into the planet. The supports of the cave simply couldn't bare the force. The tunnel collapsed, killing everyone but me. A large, boulder sized chunk was behind me. The beam I took cover behind was at a 35 degree slant between the cave floor and the boulder. The sides of my enclosure were chocked with debris. I am all alone now. Alone in my tomb.

    LOG C
    “This must be the end. I cant see any other way. Im trapped in my tomb, my final resting place. My body will never be found, everything will collapse around me. Gods, what did I do to deserve this?!”. I never thought Id see the day that I would be trapped. I never even expected it to happen. I dont know what I expected, a shot to the head, and dead before I hit the ground. I never thought Id have the time to say my farewells. I never thought Id have a choice in the end. But it appears I do. “Does this make me lucky? Is this good? Is this bad?”. I wasnt ready, it was bad. I was prepared for so much more, after my mandatory service ended. I thought I could get by without a hitch and live the rest of my life. “Im a fool, arent I?”. Sitting here, or lying here to be more accurate, reflecting on everything. Every good deed, every despicable action; its all there for me to observe. I suppose I could escape, BAH! That would take a miracle. Miracle… oh how I could use one of those. I hear cracking, creaking, this must be the end. Father, mother, brother, I love you. All of my friends, I love you. To every man and woman who served alongside me, I shall be joining you very soon. I hear pebbles. Any remaining debris must be falling. I suppose I could wish for a miracle, but miracles dont exist. I am ready…
    …to die.

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  12. ok so there will be a winner now!!
    but though its in 6 days from now
    but there WILL be a winner <(o_0)>
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  17. I saw it there. The blood was still fresh on its lips, from the child he was gorging on just a few moments ago. When it looked up to me, several things stood out to me: Its face was that of a pain-stricken man, as if it was just shot a million times, and has to live it over all again every single second. Its mouth was twisted in a sickening grin, as if he was happy that he found a new victim. But the thing that stood out to me the most were its eyes: Warped, malicious white orbs; those of a child. He kept staring at me, this continued for several minutes. Finally he cracked into action, chasing me down the hallway. I tried to stay ahead of it, but it was gaining on me fast. As fast as possible, I threw open the door and sprinted out to a rain-battered plaza. Everything was deserted, as if no life ever existed there. It chased me down a dark alley. I looked left, then right, and realized I was trapped; cornered like a rabbit. I closed my eyes, accepting my fate that I would die. As I opened my eyes for the last time, I saw......... my friend.

    Play these to set the mood:

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  18. Just posted because I didn't want just one person to post. P.S This is an updated version of an idea I had in a while ago.

    Errr,went the car as it speeded forward and woke up people in neighboring home's, the driver braced for impact bang! he then got out and walked over before the dust cleared . He looked down at the pile of rubble that was one's been a red box, he pushed away some metal and pulled out the movie he wanted and said," next time give me the movie the first time". He then got back into what was left of his car just as the people he woke up come out to see what had happened and drove away into the night. The End