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  1. I want to see who can have the most funniest coolest story in EMC.
    Here are the rules:
    • no extreme violent stories
    • no harassment
    • no flaming ( arguing about stories)
    The winning prize is 1k and they get to write their story in my book and sign it
  2. It can be about anything
  3. This looks like a really cool contest and I may even write a story a bit later for it :)
    I hope you get lot's of interesting entries!

    Also might I suggest you add into the OP how you would like the story to be submitted? Perhaps either as a post on this thread or via PM?
  4. On the thread so all can enjoy
  5. I posted this story on an old thread started by 72Volt. Although I did make a few changes to the story. I don't play in-game anymore; so if this wins I don't need the rupees and you can sign the book, but I want full credit for the story. Edit: If you only want funny stories I can take this down.

    I awake. I am in a field. I watch as a raven flies overhead. I watch until the ominous sign slowly flies out of sight. I begin to look for others, but I find only shadows. And so in the emptiness I sit, until dreams become reality and reality becomes dreams. The answer finally comes: the maiden with black hair appears. I do not know if she is an angel or Death incarnate and I do not care. I begin to follow the muse, although I am not sure why. As we cross a creek, I turn to watch butterflies flying by. As I turn back she is gone, and soon her name escapes me. The sound of rage and discord rips through the air. The sound of waves hitting the beach over and over again in Db minor feels my head and the world. The wind begins to blow harder. I hear two planets collide. The sound of nothing grows until darkness takes me.

    I awake. I sit between two pillars, old and timeless. I see the moon overhead illuminating everything in it's pale light. A mass of beetles crawl around me. I run into old, autumnal woods to escape the beetles. All is calm in these woods which I now sit. A raven flies overhead and I follow. It flies so quickly. My body feels as though it will rip from existence because of the exertion. It leads me to a sepulchre and dies in front of it. I pick up the corpse and watch it disappear into the quantum plane. I approach the sepulchre; it appears to be the center of the woods. The door has been ripped form the hinges, so I enter it and swim through the air until the moon takes me.

    I awake. And I see everything.
  6. I wish I could stand tall after a bold stride, just like you, adjacent to you. I can so you starring with those sliver eyes at me when I am trapped between my window and the outside, just standing at the corner of my driveway. Its mesmerizing when you just sit there through the nights and days, the chilling winds and blazed heats. You can take in all the trash that i throw at you, destroy it, and start over. You make me feel clean when everything else is filthy. ~Ode to trash cans
  7. Electrobomb wins!!!
    my res iss 2543 smp1 ill leave a chest with your prize in it and the book u write your story in
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  8. Once, there was a Jackomighty. He was loved by all. The end. xD
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  9. You should put that in a book in game LOL. That's great.
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  10. Very creative stories, I really like them!
  11. You should've had a set time when this contest would have ended insted of automatically letting Electro win. There really WAS no contest there, only two people
  12. Agreed. I wanted to submit my hotel mystery story (completely true).
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  13. I win muahhahhah, yay:)
  14. Ill make a next time it will be 1 week long. Also I wated 3 days
  15. But the rupee prize will lower
    Tommorow I will do part 2 becuase its midnight
  16. 12 or so hours does not equal 3 days.
    Was postedYesterday at 4:38 AM"

    You posted declaring Electrobomb the winner
    Yesterday at 5:30 PM