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  1. So, I got bored...
    And I made short stories.
    This is just a collection of them seperated by posts/colors.
    Some are funny, some are... darker...

    Yeah xD

    Once upon a time, in a land far away from the Earth, lies a meteor with a big fricking city on it.
    This place of awesomeness is called Las Meteores.
    It contains an embassy led by the pony named Rainbow Power, a pegasus descended from the great and powerful Rainbow Dash. They are going to Earth due to over-population problems on Equestria.
    ... Yeah.
    Rainbow Power looked out over the city of Las Meteores and sighed. She was the mayor of this "embassy" but it is more ark-like than her great-uncle Noa's Ark. Then again, he was a bit of a nut job always yelling out about a flood from god or something. Please, everypony in Equestria knew that if there was a higher power, it would be a mare.
    But, back to her City. They were on the way to Solar System Apollo. A planet, similar to their own had been located in Apollo. It was scientifically named Apollo-3 to designate it as the third planet of that system, however, everypony nicknamed it Terra after Princess Fluttershy's daughter, because it was lively as Terra was in life.
    Plus, all the geeks on the meteor really needed to start being creative...

    Rainbow's mission is to start a new colony for Equestria in order to placate the need for more space. That's really all she is doing, starting a new town and living in it.
    But, man, she really wished she could meet some aliens...

    Jemeriah looked at over his castle.
    And cried.
    His Evil Twin Brother Hairemej that came from the Evil Universe of Evilness's Mirror took his place as King and ruled Jemeriah's Kingdom.
    He replaced all the wood furnsihings with Grey Marble! And so, the Evil Twin Brother laughed because he did something everyone hated!
    Cold Floors.
  2. When Alice followed the rabbit, she stumbled and tumbled, chasing after the white hare that talked.
    Down, down the rabbit hole it went.
    Peering carefully, Alice looked into the abyss.
    And tripped, head first into a shallow still puddle.
    The hare no where to be seen, Alice went home, and vowed never to eat anything her father cooked again.
  3. :) Your stories were pretty good.
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