Storage Auction at /v 3275 on 10/7! Over 200,000 in items again!

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  1. Hey guys, I had so many requests to do another storage auction that I've decided to hold one more! I will host this one at 8pm EST (again, type /time in-game to see when that is for you!) at lot 3275 on smp2. If you've never been to a storage auction before, it's where I place chests full of items into cells; emulating real-life storage units, and auction them off as if it were a real storage auction. Every slot of every chest is guaranteed to have one item in it; meaning no empty chests; I'll post an actual screenshot of one of the chests in the auction as an example. This time, the cumulative value of the four units is over 278,000r!

    Still confused? Maybe this will help; Here's a preview of the four units up for auction, as well as that sneak-peek of one of the chests!

    Locker #1: Starting Bid: 10,000r Minimum Bid Increments: 1,000r

    Locker #2: Starting Bid: 1,000r Minimum Bid Increments: 100r

    Locker #3: Starting Bid: 20,000r Minimum Bid Increments: 2,000r

    Locker #4: Starting Bid: 15,000r Minimum Bid Increments: 1,000r

    Sneak Pre-View:

  2. Storage Wars.
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  3. Basically, yup! :p
  4. Sounds like fun. :D
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  5. I'll bid on a few, i wanted to do this myself but looks like i was beaten to it.
  6. lol just because I've done it doesn't mean you can't! :)
    I actually got the idea from one of our younger members that watches Storage Wars with her father every week; Freckles2 :p
  7. I'll try to make it to the next one :)
    Good luck to everyone else!
  8. Need any help?? Love storage wars / storage hunters
  9. I'm all set up, but thanks for the offer! Feel free to come bid or even just to watch tomorrow, though! :)
  10. Well, I was hoping it would be fixed by now, but our whole building's internet has been out for several hours and shows no signs of turning back on; I think I'll have to postpone this auction. :(

    Will update everyone asap.