Storage Auction 10/2 at /v 3275! Over 200,000r in items!

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  1. Hey everyone, I've recently been gone for about a month and a half, and I really missed you all! To celebrate my return to EMC I've decided to host a storage auction tomorrow at 7:30 pm EDT (type /time in-game to see when that is) at /v 3275. If you've never been to a storage auction before, that's where I place chests full of items in cells, emulating a real-life storage unit, and auction them off as if it was a real storage auction. Every slot in each chest is guaranteed to have an item in it; I'll post an example of one of the actual chests in one of the units. This time the cumulative value of the four storage units totals 216,700r!

    Still confused? This might help you out. Here's a peek at the four units up for auction, as well as that sneak-preview of that chest I mentioned!

    Locker #1: Starting Bid: 15,000r Minimum Bid Increments: 1,000r

    Locker #2: Starting Bid: 500r Minimum Bid Increments: 100r

    Locker #3: Starting Bid: 500r Minimum Bid Increments: 100r

    Locker #4: Starting Bid: 15,000r Minimum Bid Increments: 1,000r

    Sneak Pre-View:

    Auction Rules:
  2. I'll be there!
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  3. A cumulative value of 200K rupees based on whose prices? I could price a stick at 200K rupees if I wanted.
  4. ...But that would be dishonest. My prices are based on a low average of the prices in the popular malls.
    (Edit: To give you an example, I valued the beacon at 8,000r. Can you get one cheaper? Sure. Is it easy? No.)
  5. Obviously mine was an extreme example. But it's in your best interests for the individual item prices to be high, and it's in the buyers' best interests for the individual item prices to be low.

    It would lend legitimacy to your event to identify the per-item prices of the items included.
  6. ...But then that would ruin the surprise of what items are in the lockers, which defeats the entire purpose of the auction. This is a celebration of my return and my boyfriend healing. I don't plan to turn a profit on this; which is why I have priced the starting bids so extremely below what the lockers are worth. It's up to you to trust me; I see that you're a new member, but I am not. I've gotten through over 200 days on EMC by being honest and trustworthy, and doing the same won me the community appreciation award in July. You're welcome to not attend my auction, but I will not ruin the spirit of it simply so one person believes that I have priced my items appropriately.
  7. I'm not sure there's much of a surprise to be spoiled. There are only so many items in Minecraft, and only a subset have the kind of value to warrant what you're asking. It wouldn't spoil any surprises to say "each diamond was priced a X, each emerald at Y." In fact, we already know that diamonds, emeralds, and gold ingots will be included.

    You're correct that I don't have to attend, and I won't be. But if I were someone else, I'd be skeptical. I think you're asking for trouble on a lot of fronts, actually. You had no reserve price, but I'll bet if only BabyCreepers showed up and made the minimum bid, you wouldn't give her everything. You could also run into someone who thinks you valued things inappropriately based on your representations to the contrary.
  8. I have no reserve price because the starting bid is my reserve price. I refused to make a list of every item in the auction, but I'd be happy to tell you that I priced gold ingots at 10r, emeralds at 20r, and diamonds at 65r. I already included in my earlier post that my beacon was valued at 8,000r. Finally, this is not the first time that I have hosted an auction like this. Last time I sold every unit for significantly less than what it was worth, and I was fine with that because once again, it was a celebration. (Then, of my birthday.) I'm sorry that you seem to feel so strongly about this when you don't even plan on attending, but I hope that I have satisfied your concerns with this post.
  9. I plan on attending .. Reminds me of the tv show :p which i love and i think this is a neat idea :D .. Just remember you cant make everyone happy ..
  10. Hopefully I at least make the four lucky people who get a locker happy CX

    Glad to hear you'll be there; I also love Storage Wars hehe
  11. I'm ambivalent. Just doing a good deed by pointing out the flaws. :)
  12. I may have missed it but its a brilliant idea. Its exactly how the tv shows do it
  13. You didn't miss it; it's in 9 minutes :p
  14. I see legit no flaws in this. i think its a wonderfull idea and i shall be attending. You just seem to have ants in your pants about it cause she thought of it first
  15. She is by no means the first one to have thought of it.
    He raises legit concerns.
  16. I gave full credit to the person I first saw host a storage auction; Freckles2. The auction also went off without a hitch and everyone who got a locker left quite happy ;)