Stop With The Floating Res'!

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  1. My res looked really nice when I joined I think that if the area around you is bad this affects the your res, look at the res next to me!

    Im floating as I downloaded part of the world

    But please stop this!

    I know you join EMC and its YOUR res but think about others! whats the point of it?
  2. I think that guy is making a big farm or something, and needed more space
  3. then why not do it underground? thats what i did on my other res 9283
  4. Yeah, that is the best I think, but some people are too lazy for that.
  5. Eyesores like these frustrate me as well, but we really have no right to tell people what they can and can't build. In the spawn area we tell you "We like beautiful and clever constructions", so we're trying to establish a guideline for keeping the town looking nice, but it can't really be enforced as a rule (unless the construction is particularly graphic).

    As far as I'm concerned, if people want to create farms and factories, do it below ground. Try to keep the surface clean and not build ridiculous dirt pillars.
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  6. Oleyy got four res's connected in the air, is that ridicoulisly?
  7. I haven't seen it, but personally I don't like any floating or stacked residences.
  8. Just dig out a floor, even though it takes alot of time I think it's worth it because it doesn't look as ugly as having a floating island out of dirt and planks
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  9. Murrgetter and I have a res mainly for growing trees and harvesting them " currently 7 levels" but it's not a eye sore check it out at 10241 smp5, :)
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  10. Yeah, you build a wall around it so it looks like it's a building
  11. Haha I guess so, a lot of netherbrick, stone brick, and glass just make look like a building...... But actually took awhile do to gather all those materials by hand lol. the first level has a lot of design to it.
  12. yeah as long as it looks nice my pic of it looks horrible the floors no better that's why i made a fence round my res
  13. Yea I don't like thing look half done or Akward looking , I have floating house on my res looks alright but not great I built it when new plank type came out and haven't had time to destroy it might get murr to blow it up : p
  14. Yeah for a while there I had a res right next to mine with this kind of thing made out of dirt to. It looked awful and the person was never on. Luckily it got claimed by someone else and so far they are doing a nice job of making a house that looks good.

    For the longest time (months) iv gotten almost on every side of my res was dirt houses. It was annoying cause like when I first got the res im at now (1215 for anyone who is interested in knowing) the guy before didn't do anything but build a small cobble shack with no roof and trees around it. But all around there was really great builds. A Asian temple was infront of my res. Beside that was this mansion this guy was building and had the front and some of the sides done (inside was empty but it was still an awesome looking build) and like 2 res's over was this HUGE castle that was all empty on the inside but it looked cool. I think a mod had the res next to mine and made a small house with trees infront but he gave that res up later on. Which was kinda good cause his animals kept glitching out all the time.

    But yeah I hated it when the 30 days was up and those really nice res's were claimed cause the paid supporters didn't come back on. For the longest time the only nice looking res over by me was mine. :p Right now there isn't anything to amazing next to mine.
  15. This is the view from my front door:

    Starcraft's zeppelin is alright, but there's a dirt platform you can just see to the left of it which is on the adjacent res.
  16. All the lots around me are empty 3rd reses...
    Although 7171 is a good view to have!
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  17. Yeah, I don't like it like this, the only things I build high on my res is a spawn area with teleports, and it is like 10x5x5
  18. well i got that one side and this the other :/

  19. Oh and thats my other one:

    EDIT: and the floating dirt above it isnt mine