Stone & Cobble Co.

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  1. Stone - 2,000r per Double Chest, or 40r per stack
    Cobblestone - 1,000r per Double Chest, or 20r per stack
    Accepting Orders: YES, 15DC max. per order currently
    Want to request an order? Create a PM with me (wafflecoffee) and Kryarias, or leave a comment on this thread.
    Business managed by wafflecoffee (Customer Service & Advertising) and Kryarias (Head of Stone Collection)
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  2. Hola 10 dc Cobblestone please. Will order 10 dc of Stone afterwards :)
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  3. 10dcs of coblestone please
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  4. Awesome service gents! Superfast delivery :) 10/10 from me

    Off to work on some castles now.
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  5. 15 dcs of cobblestone

    will pay upon delivery to 16155 after order is confirmed :)
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  6. 5dcs of stone please
  7. 10/10
    ordered it 30 mins ago and its already delivered
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