Stone & Cobble Co: Stone for 2k/DC and Cobble for 1k/DC

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    Utopia Shop for less than 1 DC
    NEW! Instead of having to order stone in advance, you can now buy quantities of stone and/or cobble at 5619 on Utopia (or /v +cobble). We will still accept orders of more than 1DC via PM.
    +cobble Prices for Stone: 1 SC for 1,050r, 9 stacks for 365r, 3 stacks for 125r, and 1 stack for 45r.
    +cobble Prices for Cobblestone: 1 SC for 525r, 9 stacks for 185r, 3 stacks for 64r, and 1 stack for 25r.
    Need more than 1 DC?
    PM Order Prices: Stone is 2,000r per DC, and Cobblestone is 1,000r per DC
    Accepting Orders: YES
    Want to request an order? Create a PM with me (wafflecoffee) and Kryarias, or leave a comment on this thread.
    Business managed by wafflecoffee (Customer Service & Advertising) and Kryarias (Head of Stone Collection)
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  2. Hola 10 dc Cobblestone please. Will order 10 dc of Stone afterwards :)
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  3. 10dcs of coblestone please
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  4. Awesome service gents! Superfast delivery :) 10/10 from me

    Off to work on some castles now.
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  5. 15 dcs of cobblestone

    will pay upon delivery to 16155 after order is confirmed :)
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  6. 5dcs of stone please
  7. 10/10
    ordered it 30 mins ago and its already delivered
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  8. 10dc cobble, are you guys able to do that? :)
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  9. Has your order been fulfilled yet? We've had a bit of a personnel scramble for Thanksgiving. Please let me know. :)
  10. Small order but 2 DCs of Stone please.
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  11. Complete! Waiting for payment, and will drop off at any town residence with an [ACCESS] sign :)
  12. Paid 4,000r to wafflecoffee.

    Please drop off at /v 7100 . Go through the section that says "Casino WIP" and turn right. :) Thanks!
  13. Will drop off tomorrow. Thank you!
  14. Not what I know off! :)
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  15. Fixed dropoff station at 1043 smp1.
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  16. Feel free to use the mass public stone gen at 3307 :D
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  17. And we are RE-OPENED! Orders are now open for both cobblestone and stone. PM me if you would like to place an order!
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  19. Also, updated the link for the spreadsheet.