Still Enjoying Single Player?

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  1. I've been active in EMC for a couple of weeks now after trying several other servers/communities and finding this to be the best. The multi-player experience adds a certain je ne sais quoi to Minecraft. I have a house on SMP3 both in "Town" and out in the wild and I like the fact that others can come and enjoy my creations if they so wish. But, I still find myself again and again going back to Single-player Mode. Am I the only one who does this? I think I just like the immediateness of the whole system when it's just me. I also like to try out ideas on my own time without an "audience", [as if anyone is actually paying attention to me, it's just in my head :) ] This is not to say that EMC is not the greatest multi-player system I've found, because it is. The fact that they limit the servers to a max of 60 instances running at once to prevent so much lag is spot on and I will most likely be upgrading to at least an "Iron" account soon just to support the folks here and what they do. I just wanted to know if anyone else falls back on Single-player and why? :)
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  2. I love to play with a heavily modded client. I enjoy BuildCraft, Industrial Craft, Better than Wolves, and many minor tweaks to the core game such as Sparcs Tweaks and Animal Tweaks to name just a few. :)
    I love EMC for the community but when I want a non-vanilla experience, I go offline. :)
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