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  1. Ok, so i noticed that i love making skeleton and zombie xp grinders. So i decided to make a business! Here is all the info you will need to use my service!

    1.I will not provide a spawner! It must be your own spawner!
    2.I will NOT ever return to your xp farm once i have completed it!
    3. I WILL provide all the materials to make your grinder!
    4. I WILL only do skeleton and zombie atm!
    5. This will come with enchanting table, anvil, and hidden chest room!
    6. Eventually i will include a small auto melon farm or carrot farm. (not yet)

    Now that we have a few guidelines down, ill set down some prices.

    [Price]: 8k [With all included]
    [Price per block traveled]: First 1000 blocks FREE! Every 100 blocks after that is 100r.

    Ok, so here are some screenshots, and i hope you enjoy!:

    [If i miss out anything please leave it in comments!]

    NOTE: I cannot do this service on smp3 only!

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  2. Awesome! Ill start searching for a spawner and getting some muneh :)
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  3. Darn it you stole my idea :p but good luck with your business!
  4. Special:
    To celebrate the starting of my business, there will be NO charge for the distance traveled!
    Ends: March 14, 2013
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  5. I would like to use these services I have a Skeleton and Zombie spawner. And I have an easy way to get there too :p
  6. False :)

    Good luck with your business
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  7. Okay wolves, Whenever you give me the heads up, I can get ready ;)