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  1. So I was clearing my friends list yesterday and I thought that I barley had any EMC members on my friends list sooo I want to know your names ! :p My name is Snix and yh maybey say what games you play and stuffz :p
  2. Well... If you want to see my Steam profile just click on my Forum Signature...
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  3. Deadmaster98, of course! :D

    I tend to play the Total war games and civilization 5 :)
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  4. Click down there...
  5. Nami May, currently playing a lot of Don't starve together beta and also Warframe. Being a space ninja is fun! Starving not so much.....
    I have many other games such as Dungeon defenders 1 and 2, saints row 4, happy wars, Orion prelude, Dragonball z xenoverse, team fortress 2, portal 2, just cause 1 and 2. And some others.

    Also i tried to find you, there is more than 1 Snix. You have clones!
    I'm the only one with my name, kinda the perk of using your name, well mines partly my name.
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  6. TF2 :D
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  7. Sent a friend request...
  8. My Steam name is just Jay2a
    (My games)
    Steam Games.png
    (That editing job fail)
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  9. mine should be obviously obvious
    <----- ;)
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  10. See, I couldn't do this for fear of spamming the page with super long images xD. May do it within a spoiler some time :)
  11. Same name, I mostly play Civilization 5.
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  12. Add me as HorseManEwwEr. ;)
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  13. Mostly all my steam games:
  14. username is Cyber_Gram, here are my games:
  15. iCrushDreams
    (Most OP name in all existence)

    Anyone around here got Speedrunners? Great game I'd love to play with people from EMC. And it's only a few bucks if you don't have it ;p

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  16. Combustible Lemon

    Note: If you have trouble finding the right Lemon, I can add you. Here is my current list of games...

    P.S.: GTA5 release in 3 days! :D
  17. wat
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