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  1. Anyone want to play Tf2 on steam Add me
    Steam Name :: Nole972
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  2. Does Anyone Have Steam?
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  3. i tried playing TF2 once...had to wait till it finally downloaded to find out it didn't work...:(
  4. I just don't like TF2...
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  5. anyone here play left for dead2 on steam? btw my steams nitroblitz2201
  6. I just downloaded Saints Row: The Third, and yeah, I got TF2, I will add you when I can get on my PC!
  7. Same here but I could have sworn the Saints Row was a trial of 3 days?
  8. Nope, saw it on a site, it was free this weekend! Downloaded it right away! :D
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  9. good job I installed it xD
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  10. btw if any of you play call of duty4 tell me i can play with u :)