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  1. Hey guys anyone here play warframe? also comment your favorite games on steam or any platform
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  2. I don't play Warframe, but I have heard of it and seen it around a few times. I might have to try it out sometime

    I mostly play Awesomenaughts on Steam really haha
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  3. Same as my mc name, but add me through warframe I play an oberon or valkyr. I don't play it through steam.
    EDIT: I have been playing lot's of everquest with some great friends :)
  4. I play Warframe, not as much recently, but then again back to school and I can't really play much of anything.
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  5. I'v played Wareframe before, wasn't my cup of tea, I prefer to play Civ 5,CS:GO and Garrys Mod.
  6. DDDDDDota 2!
  7. I used to play warframe ( I had frostprime.), But it ran horribly on my computer, If you want you could probably have all my extra blue prints. Now I play it on the ps4 and it runs perfectly.
  8. I would love your extras :confused:
  9. Love gmod play mostly ttt thoe
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  10. I play a lot of TF2, but I haven't played in nearly 3 weeks.
  11. ARMA III
    Payday 2
    Ace of Spades
    Age of Mythology
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  12. i play
    going to get dayz standalone soon
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  13. Yeah buddy! I haven't played since June, but I've heard they've screwed a lot up, Purchase at your own risk.
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  14. I have the stabdalone its alot of fun if you are playing on a crowded server ith friends
  15. CS:GO
    Europa Universalis IV
  16. i think they added a few new guns aswell as fixed some bugs
    when i get dayzSA ive got a few friends that already play the game that im gonna roll with
  17. May I have some to?
  18. If I were you I wouldn't buy DayzSA yet it is SUPER buggy and I personally think it should have not been an early access game because, it is nowhere near ready.
  19. Out of curiosity what extra shtuff might you have?
    IGN is my name minus the "SpadeXD"