[STEAM] Borderlands 2 EMC "Team"

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  1. I was thinking we could have an EMC "Team" of 4 people who get together, and play Borderlands 2 every once and a while. We could record, and fool around :p If 8+ people join, we could have contests, and host duels.

    Note: All Teams will need a recorder.

    Team 1
    -Princebee: Assassin - Recorder
    -Jaari: Siren
    -Eclypsys: Mechromancer
    -Keldonhoff: Commando

    Team 2

    NOTE: You may choose to not use Voice communication. I know what you are thinking :p I get teased whenever I use Voice Chat on TF2... (Except once, when a friend and I trolled on a server ;))

    APPLICATION *=Required
    *Steam Name
    *Experience (What is your highest level character You made?)
    *Class (Assassin, Siren, Gunzerker, Commando)
    *Did you pre-order? (Do you get some special weapons on Character creation?)
    If using Voice Comm, Skype Name?

    My Application:
    Steam Name: PotatoEarthMetaphor
    Experience About Lvl. 10-11 (Not Quite Sure)
    Class: Assassin
    Pre-Order: No
    Skype Name: icefirepb
  2. This is my friend's application:
    *Steam Name PirateZombieTrainer
    *Experience (What is your highest level character You made?) 22
    *Class (Assassin, Siren, Gunzerker, Commando) Commando
    *Did you pre-order? (Do you get some special weapons on Character creation?) Yes
    If using Voice Comm, Skype Name? N/A
  3. I played the entire game and all of the DLC alone, and it was pretty awesome not having to share any of the loot.
  4. I meant about the grinding part, not about the sharing loot part...Also, already got a nice arsenal of weapons...
  5. Tiny Tina's Assault On Dragons Keep, bets DLC add on in the history of ever.
  6. Application: (as said above: playing alone is boring XD)
    Steam name: obsidianreaper
    Experience: level 35
    Class: Mechromancer
    Pre-order: Yes
    Skypename via PM only, and Steam also has a built in chat (even though its laggy)
  7. If you don't want skype, we will be using steamchat :) If you want to use Skype, then feel free to tell us :)
  8. Team 2 Is open for entries!
  9. FR sent.
    obsidianreaper isn't working...
  10. This is my favorite game of ALL time. Too bad I only have it on xbox D:
  11. :(
  12. Jaari just added me, so it should work. It's obsidianreaper connected, no capital letters.
  13. Added.
  14. I just got the game so no level yet but im open to a suggestion for what my class should be
  15. Gunzerker or Siren :D
  16. your the 2nd person to tell me that I should play either of those two classes
  17. Siren for singleplayer, Gunzerker or Siren would be the best, also Mechromancer is very good, but you prob. don't have the DLC, so...
  18. Need A Bump :p
  19. More like "Need A Game"
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