StaticGripped (ReIntroduction)

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  1. Hey guys StaticGripped here I used to play several months ago and I loved the community and the server aspects and now coming back I am relearning things and feeling much better about contributing to the community. I hope I will be welcomed with open arms as a novice player given my several months spread in play time. HELLO :D
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  2. Welcome!

    *Opens Arms!*
  3. Welcome back to the Empire! :D

    While you were away...
    • ICC ate lots of people
    • Aikar and Max got light green paint spilt on them
    • PvP and Fluffy the dragon got announced
    • EMC turned 1
    • Over 9000 reses were built on (probably)
    • And lots of other stuff...
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  4. Oh and JustinGuy came back from moving round the world, I went diamond for my second month and jack went gold
  5. And that's the most important thing ever...
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  6. Nah i thought this was:
    Dont you /sarcasm me! Oh yeah I saw
  7. I see what you did there jack
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  8. Welcome, again I guess :)
  9. Whats is ICC may I ask
  10. IcecreamCow, one of the evil purple forces that run EMC.
    AKA: An admin
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  11. And IcecreamPigs owner dont forget that, IcC is that evil. (I hope i got the right IcX)
  12. Ok Thanks I knew Ice Cream Cow owned the sevrer but I didnt know he was evil
  13. He's not really evil, he's quite nice really. :)
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  14. Thanks for clarifing
  15. We were just joking.
    Other important news. LLOlympics is coming up… :D
  16. What does LL stand for and when is it
  17. Technically, it's Last Light Outpost Olympics, but it was catchier as LLOlympics.
    I'm trying to shoot for December. Not sure if we get be set up in time for that.
  18. Ask zulu9 to the LLO
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