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  1. Hey guys, i'm masta! I'm here to tell you all about me, and what I do on EMC. On my res (2024), I have a shop, which has been my main priority since I began EMC almost 100 days ago when I posted this thread. It has grown a bit too much, and will soon be under renovation on an unknown date. I also do specialty jobs such as mass potion brewing, high level tool repairs, enchanting, or pretty much anything else! I believe that a customer should always be happy. :) If you ever need a job done, post something on this thread, or contact me in game on smp1! I will currently be trying to get into the community here, though I've been here long enough (in my opinion) to make some good friends and know how this server works. If I can ever remember to check the forums every day, I will be as helpful as I can to my potential customers. Thanks in advance!
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  2. Its great to see that you are fitting in to this community nicely. If you have any questions, feel free to ask anybody, but you seem to have a good grasp of things. :D
  3. Welcome to the forums :) Hopefully we can get to know you even more, you should especially check out the Empire News and Community Discussion sections
  4. Welcome to the forums :)
  5. Glad you're here! It's really fun just like the servers :)
  6. having a forum life is nothing but amazing, you'll feel more than welcome here i am sure. :)
  7. Welcome to the Forums! I hope you'll enjoy it here :) Feel free to ask any of us if you need any help!
  8. Welcome to the forums, the most wonderfully exciting yet weird place in the community! :p
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  9. Hey there! Forums are totally a fun place which also helps you get to know players from other smps. For awhile I only stayed on my 'home' smp, and fortunately I started branching out after I got to know a few others from other smps, and coming into the forums much more!

    It is an awesome feeling after you get a little 'comfortable' with the ropes of EMC. So much to do!
    Just be sure to never get 'comfortable' in the nether :). Whenever I am comfortable there, bad things happen to me!

    Well, hope to see you around!
  10. Welcome to the forums! :D
  11. Welcome to the forums masta.
  12. Welcome!!! I have seen you on smp1 a couple times...C ya in game :D. welcome to the forums! :)
  13. Welcome! :D
  14. Welcome to the forums! You'll love it here!
  15. Welcome.

    I do visit the forums occasionally, usually to post some irregular information I have to offer. A lot of it doesn't have direct connections to Minecraft itself.

    I'm also active in-game, but from the jeopardy after the release of Minecraft 1.8 I don't want to take anymore risks with preparation if Empire Minecraft will never update. Most of my life in its present state is frozen. But with time, it will hopefully melt into motivation and interest.
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