Starting base, smp7 (ESTABLISHED)

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  1. I'm JesusPower2.
    Building structures to make the claim visible on LiveMap.

    Not sure how to make a locked chest. I'll work on that. Sorry to the admins if this is used to find the base.

    Is a name required? How about 'JesusPower2Land'.

    (Yeah, I'm nub. So what?)
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  2. Name is not required :p

    To make a locked chest, just place a sign above the chest you wish to lock and on the first line, type "Lock" and then done. Make sure your base is 5k blocks out and not too close to other bases!
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  3. Oh wow, that was easy. Thanks for the tip!
  4. Just a warning, locked chests cost 1000r
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  5. Locking a chest costs 1k, however. Just an fyi
  6. Oops. Didn't see that XD
  7. bump...

    If this is under review could I get an acknowledgement? I'm not sure if I should bump, or if bumping is rude here. Maybe I've done something wrong or haven't met the requirements?