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  1. What items do new players get for joining the Empire?
    I know about the book, assistant, armor and tools, but what else?
  2. Horse
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  3. I think they get cows and sheep.
  4. what they said

    << new player. only tool I got was a pickaxe

    I do have three starter horses though
  5. I am looking to buy the starter horse, not used and I also need the exact numbers for the other items
  6. I'd be happy to sell you my unhatched starter horse :)
  7. pretty sure two of mine are unhatched im not sure how to tell that honestly. ill sell them of course
  8. Ok, price?
  9. Are unmatched starter horses specially named
  10. A new player starts with all of the following:

    1x Starter Horse - unhatched (Egg has no stats)
    1x Starter Helmet, Chest, Legs and Boots (All enchanted, soulbound and final)
    1x Starter Sword and Pickaxe (All enchanted, soulbound and final)
    1x Starter Book (Basic help and so on)
    1x Empire Assistant
    15x Birch Sapplings
    15x Oak Sapplings
    10x Cow eggs
    10x Sheep eggs

    **If you include what is on their plot when they first leave the tutorial:
    8x Signs
    1x Chest

    Pretty much only the first 3 things there are worth anything, everything else is common and easy to obtain by other means. Furthermore, a Starter Horse or Starter Gear are pretty much useless once used. What I mean is if the Starter Horse egg has stats, or any of the gear, pickaxe or sword have durability started, then it has no value.

    Hope this helps.
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  11. this is exactly what i needed
  12. Wish I had all this when I started...
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  13. Small update here, I know this thread is a few days old at this point but I figured I'd update my info for anyone wondering. Not sure if it was changed or if I had just forgot since I joined, but here is what you actually start with currently:

    1x Starter Helmet
    1x Starter Chest
    1x Starter Legs
    1x Starter Boots
    x1 Starter Pickaxe
    1x Starter Sword
    1x Getting Started
    1x Empire Assistant
    1x Starter Horse
    5x Sheep Eggs
    5x Cow Eggs
    16x Birch Sapplings
    16x Oak Sapplings
    64x Oak Planks
    64x Torches
    64x Bread
    +2,000 Rupees

    If you include starter plot:
    1x Chest
    8x Signs

    Signing up:
    +5000 Rupees

    Signing in first time:
    +5000 Rupees
    16x Diamonds
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  14. Does this mean that I can't do the tutorial again and get the Starter Horse and other starter items?
  15. since the tutorial was redone, yes you can and then sell them to me! :D
  16. I got the new starter armour and old starter armor Set Including Pick/sword and horses
  17. on my way :p
  18. I have just completed the tutorial 3 times now, and no new starter set.
    Am I missing something?

    It says "You have already received this reward", when I know I haven't (the new stuff, that is)
  19. not sure.