Star Wars Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base

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  1. Kylo Ren goes undercover on Starkiller Base as Matt, but you would think he would try and act like an employee, not himself.

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  2. *sees SNL*
  3. what, its SNL, so.
    Also, how did you make that signature?
  4. I find the humour on display in those type of programmes quite cringey and completely unfunny., Skyrim screenshots, and a skin viewer (which doesn't work with the new skin models, unfortunately). I don't remember the fonts I used since I've been using it for a year :p
  5. thx
  6. Well if you like Star Wars VII, then you are fine.
  7. I love watching SNL and I think it's pretty funny.

    Anyways, this is a pretty funny skit.
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  8. Lol that was great. You would have to see the actual show for it to be really funny.
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  9. My nationality's humour is based largely around sarcasm, swear words, taking the mickey out of everything, and making really offensive jokes. American humour, I've found, is based around being cheesy - which only works on a few specific groups of people :p

    My idea of hilarity is stuff like this (contains 'sarcasm, swear words, taking the mickey out of everything, and offensive jokes':
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  10. I like in the movie where Chewbaca, Han Solo, and Finn were on Starkiller Base about to blow up yet another spherical weapon. Chewbaca roars and Hans like "oh your cold?" and how Kylo Ren destroys the control panel in anger and says, "Anything else?"
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