Star Wars Texture Pack

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  1. I have been playing with this texture pack sometimes in pvp events or mob arena events and thought it would be awesome for other players to use this pack. This texture pack was made by me.

    You will need optifine it adds different colors to the lightsaber blades depending on the enchants on it and make sure u have custom items on options > video settings > quality > custom items: on

    red: over sharpness 10 u will mostly see senior staff with these lightsaber colors in pvp staff events normal players can't get this color so this color is pretty rare.

    orange: enchantment levels 6 to 10 mainly will be seen on promo swords and can only be seen on promo swords or maybe senior staffs swords.

    purple: curse of vanishing

    yellow: smite

    green: knockback

    blue: sharpness

    White: none of the above enchants

    the color that is above it will overwrite it if that enchant is on the sword.

    if u do a sweeping attack a lightsaber sound will play.

    Shulkers spark ball color is changed to red and play a lightsaber sound when hitting something.

    Vex's have a magna guard staff hit sound when damaged.

    Iron Swords are magna guard staffs.

    Think that is it tell me if a missed something in the texture pack.
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  2. Awesome will download
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  3. Sounds cool!