Star Wars episode 4 command prompt!!!

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I have a game kinda like but coded on command prompt, should I show how to make it?

yes 11 vote(s) 91.7%
no 2 vote(s) 16.7%
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  1. Hey Star Wars Fans! Today I present to you a code I found to watch The 4ourth Star Wars Movie!
    If you want to watch the following movie here are 4 steps.
    1. open command prompt(do this by going into pc search and typing in cmd)
    2.make sure your telnet client is turned on(if you dont know how to check if it is go on this link windows 8&sourceid=opera&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8 )
    3. paste this into command prompt: telnet
    4. some text should appear like this , then this , then this , and finally the movie starts !!!
    have a good time :) oh and dont touch any button after you entered the code, glitches can happen(notice I didnt code any of it, so I only get the credit for showing this to you).

    1. Im not sure if this movie works with Linux's(macs)
    2. there is no sound D: (thought you can try to put some star wars music in the back) cant go full screen
  2. or you know, just search up star wars episode 4 full free movie no signup no survey
  3. I know, I just found it really nice the way it looked even in command prompt :D, ps, making a program that keeps some awesome things(of course command prompt). already reached over 1000 lines :D
  4. the code itself was not coded by me, I only found it
    step 1. open notepad(notepad++ doesnt accept this code)
    step 2. go to the following link
    step 3. copy all of the command and paste it in notepad
    step 4. if you want to after
    @echo off
    you can write
    color a0
    so the background will be light green and the text and everything else will be black, here is the code together
    @echo off
    color a0
    but if you want you can have a different color, here is the link for different colors (first number/letter stands for the background, second letter/number for everything else.)
    step 5.goto the to left corner and press file, the press save as. the name it whatever you want but make sure at the end it says .bat so it will look like this: Snake.bat
    then find it and start playing!!!
    works only for windows
  5. Is it even allowed to tell people how to do illegal practices on EMC? :confused:
  6. this is not illegal to show how to watch Start Wars 4 on command prompt. Ps it is not illegal to watch this.
    This is a public command ready for anyone to use it. If this was illegal someone would stop this, right?
    ps not that it is the movie itself, it is just some good programmers made this and posted this.
  7. Wait, you mean it uses ASCII to display it? That's pretty cool.
    Still, though, I think Star Wars 4 still has copyright on it, so I wouldn't think people would be freely able to do things like this on it.