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  1. There are many times when I'm online and I really need to talk to staff about something, but they are on stage. Most of the time there are staff available, but sometimes all of the staff is on stage. There may already be a way to get them in which i don't know of, but if there isn't a way to get them, maybe there should be something that lets them know you need them (and it needs to be a good reason) while they are on stage. Let me know what you think. Thanks!
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  2. This idea has already been suggested as I have asked krysyy several times about it and was always denied.
  3. Cross server /tells would be a solution. Another server has a /a(ssist) command that players can use to get it touch with Staff, which isn't a bad idea either.
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  4. But my suggestion would be to find a build team member to get a staff for you as the build team can connect to stage.
  5. Why did they deny it?
  6. They denied my thread (main account) because we can just PM them on the forums
  7. Because if they are on stage it is for a reason.
  8. the best solution would be to either P.M a staff on the forums or mail them an item/book saying ''Please come to smp_ as I have a problem. Thanks''.
  9. If you need staff help, /report or forum convo. We are not on stage having parties and wasting time, we are actually doing important stuff.
    Not mail, please.
  10. ah right ok. So probs. Forum P.M is the best option/solution
  11. Keep in mind: the following suggestion is something I'd consider doing but that's just it: a maybe somewhat unorthodox method. If you really need staff and you really can't wait (referring to using the forums here) and you're absolutely sure that your problem can only be solved by a staff member...

    You could always /report yourself and add a very clear and specific reason why you did so.

    I mean; it's not as if the staff would eventually come over to the server you're on with the sole intend to come out and 'get' you. The staff will always carefully examine what is going on before taking action. So no need to worry that you'd invoke the rage of the staff upon you :D

    ...unless of course you made a false /report. Technically you might have (you're not the one to report) but I'm convinced that unless you didn't have a sufficient reason to officially turn to the staff that they really couldn't care less about the way you contacted them.

    But please keep in mind: this is just my 2 cents.
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  12. I do agree shel
  13. You cannot /report yourself... And that is not the correct method.

    Please PM a staff member on the forums if you need them and they are on stage. All mail sent will be ignored because you ignored the message that pops up not to use it to message staff.
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  14. If you cannot get in contact with staff in game please send a PM to us on the forums. You can add a couple of staff members to the conversation so that when one of us is available we can answer you. I know my email gets a ping if I get a new message on the forums. Now I am not attached to my email account all day but I do check it decently often. We will reply as soon as we are able. We do have outside lives just like the players do. In game mail is not meant to be used to try to communicate with staff members. There is a warning about this if you try to do so.

    Please dont do this. It is not the build team's job to drop what they are doing and jump on stage. Please just send us a PM on the forums.
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  15. Somewhat ironic what's being suggested, as there were about 6 staff members on stage (for a while) last night when I needed assistance. I came to forums and sent a pm, not expecting to get immediate results obviously, but I haven't actually got a response since. I like PenguinDJ's idea of /tell cross server, but I can see how that would get annoying while they're actually trying to work on something.
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  16. *checks inbox*
    Nothing from ya. Remember that it's sometimes best to add more than one staff. When in doubt, add me. I check forums regularly except when sleeping or dragged on one of those 'Unplugged' outings like a date with Moose.
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  17. I usually don't go to you first as I figure you're the busiest lol.
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  18. I check my forum about every hour when im WORKING and have it always open when im on emc.

    Forums are the way to go.
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  19. I'm not quite the busiest. I'm just busy at all times. =P I jump around to multiple tasks that are required, whether it's reports, stage, teams, staff apps, contests, news, etc. Never be worried about adding me as a precaution. I'm one of the most available staff members if it's a quick question on the forums during the day. Also, sometimes the Moderators and Senior Staff might be on vacation for a few days and I'll know to answer in their absence.

    When in doubt, message krysyy =)
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  20. Thanks, but this seemed like something I'd need to talk to Sr. Staff about.
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